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I’ve started writing for Physics Today, covering how science and technology is used in the entertainment industries. The first column for Enterprise just went live, looking at how a traditional geoscience tool, LiDAR, is used on sets to map spaces for VFX. I deeply appreciate all the time given to me by Ron Bedard of Industrial Pixel Visual Effects, Huseyin Carter of Plowman Craven, and Ben Cole of MPC (I’ve got a lot more from Ben Cole for a future installment).

In related news, my editor went to Comic-Con last week in a quest to find physics — you can check out his adventures on the Physics Today Dayside blog.

And just for some flat-out movie science goodness, ithologist (someone who looks at tracks & traces, then figures out what sort of creatures & behaviours created them) Tony Martin did an analysis of this summer’s Pacific Rim.

I’ll be at Dragon Con in Atlanta again this year, with panels in the Stargate, Science, Space, Apocalypse, and Literature tracks. The schedules are currently extremely tentative, but I’ll post when they get more firmly established.

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