Why do I support expanding BC tax credits to match other Canadian provinces?

Because BC needs to support its knowledge-economies. The resource industry alone cannot support the hopes, dreams, careers, and futures of this province.

Because BC specializes in creating alternate worlds and realities, and I love watching the results. MacGyver and Stargate, Rambo and Twilight, Battlestar Galactica and the X-Files: this province is home to a lot of favourite shows and movies.

Because working as a science consultant is the most creative, playful thing I’ve done in math and science, and I’m always excited when another opportunity arises to play.

Because working in the film industry helped cover my bills when grad school plans hiccuped, and was the odd-job that let me focus on my research to graduate, yet avoid student debt.

Because tax credits are a variation of “the more you spend, the more you save!” where everyone wins.

Because even the resource industry, favourite of the BC Jobs Plan and my day job, uses tax incentives.

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