Dragon*Con: Sci-Fi & Fantasy Literature

I’m visiting the DragonCon Sci-Fi & Fantasy Literature Track for one panel on Saturday night; check my schedule for the other tracks I’ll be at during DragonCon 2012.

The Science in Science Fiction

Saturday, September 1: 8:30pm-9:30pm
Hyatt Greenbriar, Conference level

Are they doing it right?

The panel will be talking about the current and potential role of science in scifi literature. My co-panellists are Tedd Roberts, a neuroscientist, and Les Johnson, a NASA rocket scientist and fiction author. I’ll be rounding the panel out as a geophysicist & disaster researcher, and depending how the night goes, contrast how science is used in literature to its role in the entertainment industry.

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Hollywood Science: The Process and Results, Friday 5:30pm in the Hilton Crystal Ballroom, 1st floor

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