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Stargate: From Fiction to Science

I’ve written before on the value of using good science in works of fiction; the Stargate franchise embraced this philosophy and I worked as their science consultant for several seasons. I’ve been asked why Stargate cared about having detailed, plausible … Continue reading

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Atmospheric Science of SG:A “Brain Storm”

Stargate: Atlantis “Brain Storm” problem solving boards. Continue reading

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More reasons to love Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Check out the clip titled “Earth Not Good for Life”. You can see why we had enough to chat about on set when filming “Brain Storm”.

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The Physics of “Brain Storm”

Stargate: Atlantis, “Brain Storm,” is the last episode of the series for which I was a physics consultant for Props. That means anywhere you see science-scribbles is my handwriting, not that I vetted the script for science. I need to … Continue reading

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Stargate: Atlantis — interview on Joe Mallozzi’s blog

My interview/Q&A is up on Joe’s blog. For some reason his version of wordpress doesn’t play nicely with mine, so all my pretty formatting disappeared. Ain’t it always the way? I’ll post the pretty version here after he’s gone on … Continue reading

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