I was the science consultant for the Stargate franchise. I started consulting on episodes since the season 4 finale of Stargate: Atlantis, continuing through Stargate: Universe.

As a science consultant, I primarily worked for the Property Department, although I also provided feedback and scientific advice to other departments. One of the executive producers hosts an interview with me about the position on his blog; Physics Today also hosts my lessons for science consultants. I am happy to field any additional questions.

I give an annual talk for the Summer Science Program on what it’s like to be a science consultant in general and for Stargate in particular; the talks are open to the public. I attend fan events by invitation.

The episodes I have been involved with are:

Stargate: Atlantis
Season 4
The Last Man, original air date 7 March 2008.

Season 5
Brain Storm, original air date 24 November 2008.

Stargate: Universe
Season 1
Air Part 1, Air Part 2, and Air Part 3, original air date 2 October 2009.
Human, original air date 23 April 2010.
Incursion Part 1 and Incursion Part 2, original air dates 4 June 2010 and 11 June 2010.

Season 2
Pathogen, original air date 19 October 2010.
Seizure, original air date 4 April 2011.
Gauntlet, original air date 9 May 2011.

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