You can contact me via a comment on any post or this page, by emailing mika @ this domain, or via the social media platform of your choosing:

I am usually available for science consulting and public speaking; please do not be shy in contacting me!

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  1. Hello Mika

    I am a screenwriter currently working on a spec sic fi script. Once I have a solid draft I would like to have a professional opinion about the science I use to make sure it holds up. My story takes place onboard a spaceship circa 2110. The science involves propulsion systems that can take us from jupiter to Sedna close to the Oort cloud at 1/10 th or 1/20 speed of light, protective shields , micro meteorites food and water recycling oxygen generation etc.

    Do you do consultation on an individual basis? Or can you suggest other avenues?

    I found you on one of the myriad of science websites I subscribe to.

    Best regards
    Jens Pilegaard

  2. Alan Siler says:

    Dear Dr. McKinnon,

    My name is Alan and I run a small but growing convention in Atlanta, GA called TimeGate. Its a general SF convention but has primary focus on Doctor Who and Stargate. I came across your name somewhere very recently (I can’t recall where), and thought I’d contact you. I’m interested in discussing with you the possibility of having you as a guest at our convention sometime and have you discuss your work as well as the work that you’ve done on the Stargate shows.

    Our event takes place on Memorial Day weekend every year. We just wrapped up this year’s convention yesterday and it was a big success. We’ve been running for a few years now and jumped from 311 attendees last year to 418 this year. Our dates for next year are May 25 – 27, 2012.

    Please let me know if you’d be interested in making such an appearance, and if so we can discuss further details.

  3. Robbie Young says:

    Hi Mika

    Im a 3rd yr astrophysics and biology student, looking at my options for next year. I was just wondering how someone would get into science consulting?


  4. Rey Rivera says:

    I’m an aspiring science fiction writer in Portland, OR. I have a story that I am working on, and although it’s not what I would call hard sci-fi, I have one particular need to make the story work, and it must be at least somewhat plausible. I need to find a consultant to help me understand a simple question I have about black holes, particularly about how they rotate. It’s a pretty simple question, but I don’t know how to find quite exactly the answer I’m looking for. I know you are a professional consultant and tend to work with TV and movie productions, and are probably priced out of my range, but if you could just point me in the direction of how to find a consultant I can afford, I would be extremely grateful. I don’t know, maybe you know a student or something who could use the bread. Or maybe you’re not as expensive as I would think, and could answer one or two questions via email. Thank you for reading this, any response would be appreciated.

  5. Anthony says:

    Hi Mika, just read your article on “The Drum”. Promoting science is such an important job and increasing in importance every day with the growth of the anti-science brigades in politics. Don’t let the wack jobs get you down and keep up the good work.

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