I am always amiable to discussing new projects of bringing science into entertainment. My availability will depend on the scale of your project, the type of science required, and geography. If I am unable to help, I can usually direct you to someone capable.


Vancouver, British Columbia, is a hub for science fiction projects. If you’re within my city, I am most likely to be able to either help or direct you to the appropriate scientist. If you think you’re an appropriate scientist interested in this type of work, contact me and we’ll chat.

United States

The National Academy of Sciences runs the Science & Entertainment Exchange, a project specifically designed to provide the entertainment industry with the scientific expertise to add plausibility to our fiction. They work primarily with movies and TV in the United States, although they are open to other creative projects and have provided consultants for international projects. Scientists, you can register yourself with the exchange as an interested expert. I’m impressed with their dedication and approach to finding the right scientist for a project. Yes, I’m one of their registered experts.

The Rest of the World

Depending on your requirements, some projects can be addressed remotely. Otherwise, my distributed network of trusted peers may be able to assist. No harm in asking!

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