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Chasing Science at Dragon Con

It’s that time of year again already! I’m heading to Dragon Con in Atlanta, and as always I’ve got a packed schedule of awesome science to chase around the pop culture convention. See you there? The Year in Science (So … Continue reading

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Atmospheric Science in Stargate: Atlantis Brain Storm

While I wrote about this a bit when the show first aired way back in the dawn of time, I recently cleaned it up and made it pretty. If you missed it the first time, you can read about it … Continue reading

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Things I Wrote This Week

For the past two months, I’ve been writing for the Space subsite on io9. If you haven’t checked it out before, here’s some stories stories from this week that you might find interesting: Stories from the Stargate science consultant (that’s … Continue reading

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Spotting Meteoroids while Skydiving?

You’ve seen the footage of a rock falling past a skydiver. It looks like this particular object was an accidentally chute-packed rock. But, what are the chances of a skydiver eventually seeing a meteoroid? The following is some hardcore estimating … Continue reading

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Dear Kepler, I love you.

Kepler is the plucky little spacecraft that taught us we aren’t alone in the universe, and that planets are everywhere. It captured the imagination of farmers, citizen-scientists, and astronomers alike. This is the story of Kepler, in celebration of turning … Continue reading

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I love the Kerbal Space Program. Here’s some of my favourite screenshots from the past few months of playtime.

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I’m over on as a writer and quasi-editor (highlighting quality space-related content from other locations in the Gawker media universe), commenting on astronomy news and teaching space science with a health dose of irreverence and snark. Go on, check … Continue reading

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Day of the Doctor

With the Doctor Who 50th anniversary less than a day away, I’ve got a piece up on Physics Today about the astronomy and cosmology in Doctor Who. Thank you to everyone who helped with the article, particular Green College fellows … Continue reading

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2013 Dragon Con schedule — asteroids and disasters and scifi, oh my!

Officially, I’ll be visiting the Space, Science, Stargate, Science Fiction Literature, Apocalypse Rising and American Science Fiction and Fantasy Media. As always, Dragon Con schedules are subject to change with very little notice, so use the Dragon Con mobile app … Continue reading

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Elsewhere on the internet… Elysium

Science review of Elysium over on suggests that the technology is plausible.

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