My name is Mika McKinnon.

I am an avid science fiction fan and an irrepressible educator. I have previously taught a course, Practical Science Fiction (2004, 2005), using science fiction as the context for teaching undergraduate science students to approach science with curiosity and innovation instead of blind learning for specific course outcomes, and to provide a non-threatening context for humanities students to gain scientific literacy. I am a public speaker on the same theme (including an annual talk for the Summer Science Program in California and New Mexico).

I work as a science advisor in the entertainment industry. The project you’ve most likely heard of is the the Stargate franchise; I currently write for Physics Today. I’m always open to new projects, and love going to conventions.

I run a science-focused blog at GeoMika.

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  1. Pam Sowerwine says:

    When my son Bill was trying to decide between UC Berkeley and CCS at UCSB, we took tours of the two campuses. We were meeting with Dr. Roig when you walked in. You briefly told Bill about your opportunity to teach the science of science fiction, and the many options available to CCS students. You basically told him how cool it was to be a CCS student! When we walked away from that meeting, i asked him if he had made up his mind yet, and did he want to go commit and register right then. He did, and we did. CCS Physics provided him with an EXCELLENT education. Thank you for being a part of his decision process.
    A grateful mom.

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