Chasing Science at Dragon Con

It’s that time of year again already! I’m heading to Dragon Con in Atlanta, and as always I’ve got a packed schedule of awesome science to chase around the pop culture convention. See you there?

The Year in Science (So Far)
Friday 02:30pm in Marriott A601-A602
So far this year we’ve visited Pluto, created the previously-theoretical pentaquark particle, saw the rise of dramatic new gene manipulation techniques due to CRISPR, and more. Even Shark Week went back to being more scientific! [Read more.]

TimeTrips: Can a Stargate Do That?
Friday 04:00pm in Westin Chastain HIJ 
Time travel: how real could it be? Find out how the WHEN meets the WHERE in Stargate.

Creating Science Stories
Friday 07:00pm in Hilton 202
How do you write an article about a scientific topic? Or draw a science-themed comic? Or turn a science story into a video or podcast? Writers, artists, and producers talk about the challenges and the successes of creating science media. [Read more.]

Science of The Martian
Friday 08:30pm in Hilton 202
Andy Weir’s book is a marvel of science-driven plot. Dive deeper into chemistry, rocketry, agriculture and other science topics in the book, and learn where Weir drew his information from. This way, when you see the movie with friends, you can correct the movie in a totally not-annoying manner! [Read more.]

Carter, Frasier, & Women in Sciences!
Saturday 01:00pm in Westin Chastain HIJ
Strong female characters in StarGate inspired a generation of women toward the STEM fields.

Relativity Is Practical
Saturday 05:30pm in Hilton 202
Einstein’s theory relating mass and energy, gravity and space-time, seems esoteric. But it’s more than an abstract principle. It underlies a lot of in-the-lab research, as well as technology like GPS. [Read more.]

Solve for X Show
Sunday 10:00 pm in Hilton Grand Ballroom East
Solve for X features talented comedians, musical acts, dancers, storytellers, burlesque troupes, puppeteers,and other assorted nonsense-makers who use science as their prompt for performance. [Read more.]

Space in 2050
Monday 02:30pm in Hilton 309-310
Space people think/dream BIG! We’ll ask ‘how big’? Our experts & fans will discussion their predictions for our future in space. [Read more.]

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  1. Ms McKinnon,

    Thank you for coming down to DragonCon, I really enjoyed hearing you speak. I am a regular reader of, but haven’t paid so much attention to authors, but I will definitely keep an eye out for your articles in the future. I really liked your enthusiasm in the “Space in 2050”, such an exuberant optimism, it would make a wonderful podcast, have you considered doing one?

    I was also curious if you had read Neal Stephenson’s SevenEves ( ), a SciFi book that was published this year that I enjoyed? Being a geophysicist (no spoilers, but they end up doing a lot with rocks) along with your interest in space, I think you would enjoy it. I would also be interested in knowing what your opinion of it, and its science was.


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