2013 Dragon Con schedule — asteroids and disasters and scifi, oh my!

Officially, I’ll be visiting the Space, Science, Stargate, Science Fiction Literature, Apocalypse Rising and American Science Fiction and Fantasy Media.

As always, Dragon Con schedules are subject to change with very little notice, so use the Dragon Con mobile app (find me under Presenters > Mika McKinnon) or the Daily Dragon to stay up-to-date on scheduling changes.

Friday, August 30th

5:30pm in Hilton 309-310, Space track
Incoming! There’s an Asteroid with Earth’s Name on it! Russia’s recent Tunguska-like event has made the danger of an asteroid strike very real, even to Congress. Panel with Phil Plait.

This panel will be on my first love in science, the puppy-eyes of disaster that lead me through an undergraduate degree. We’ll cover current events, upcoming events, sorting fact from fiction out of the regular doomsday-predicting news reports, give you ways you can help save the planet from utter destruction, and answer any questions you’ve got.

Saturday, August 31st

1:00pm in Westin International FGH, Stargate Multiverse track
The Master of Disaster returns! Boom, crash, BANG! Welcome Mika back to the controlled chaos that is the SGMT, and learn all about the science behind the Stargate. Solo storytelling and Q&A.

Stargate: Atlantis and Stargate: Universe introduced me to working on set, a dream-job that required suppressing my fangirl squeals of delight, and SMGT introduced me to Dragon Con. This is my most relaxed event for the weekend, and the perfect place for questions about the science or behind-the-scenes storytelling.

4:00pm in Westin International FGH, Stargate Multiverse track
Dr. Geek’s Laboratory Live! Podcast Dr. Geek has been called this generation’s Mr. Wizard. See why in this live podcast. Podcast with Ken Spivey and Dr. Scot Viguie

4:00pm in Marriott M301-302, American Science Fiction and Fantasy Media
Continuum: Making the Future Reeling through its first and second seasons, this Syfy show is a real thinking person’s SF. Is it formula or fresh insight?

I have a soft spot for dystopian futures, tangled plots, and plausible physics, and now I get to share that with you.

8:30pm in Hilton 202, Science track
DOOM! The Planet is Trying to Kill Me! An introduction to the mechanics of earthquakes, tsunami, hurricanes, and other catastrophes. Solo presentation and Q&A.

After my first love of doomsday impact events, I found my way to my True Love of natural catastrophes that can utterly devastate individual lives and societies without destroying the planet, and the source of my Master of Disasters. The best form of risk reduction is education, so come by for a primer on every natural disaster I can squeeze in while still leaving time for questions.

Sunday, September 1st

1:00pm in Westin Vinings 1-2, Apocalypse Rising track
Ten Years Later You had what it takes to survive the end of the world, but do you have what it takes to rebuild it? Panel with David Harmer and Gail Z. Martin.

Anyone who makes it to Day 3 of Dragon Con clearly has the stamina to make it through the first week, month, and year of a major apocalypse. Come on by for the challenges and skills needed a decade out. An interesting and strangely practical panel that I find leaves me itching to pick up a new DIY hobby.

4:00pm in Hilton 202, Science track
DIY Science: Get Your Science on! The new field of Citizen Science Projects to get you started, how they work, and what you learn by participating. Panel with Dr. Pamela L. Gay.

Aside from my general enthusiasm for hacker and maker spaces, DIY submarine exploration and high schoolers saving us from asteroid impact annihilation, I’ll also be cooing enthusiastically about distributed disaster reporting projects like Did you feel it?

8:30pm in Hyatt Embassy A-B, Science Fiction Literature track
Teaching Science Fiction When science fiction is taught in schools, what should or should not be included? Are there any specific concerns teachers should keep in mind? Panel with Farah Jane Mendlesohn and Jody Lynn Nye.

I am a strong advocate for using literature as a way to access science fiction, both to re-energize textbook-weary science and engineering students and to reach out to science-shy humanities students. I can almost promise I’ll give a quick lesson on parasite and predator mass ratios as mis-applied in Alien, and an ode to the fluid & orbital dynamics in Mission of Gravity.

Monday, September 2nd

…nothing scheduled?! Oh my!

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