Dragon*Con: Apocalypse Rising

I’m visiting the DragonCon Apocalypse Rising Track for two panels on Friday afternoon and Monday morning; check my schedule for the other tracks I’ll be at during DragonCon 2012.

2012: It’s Here

Friday, August 31: 4:00pm-5:00pm
Westin Vinings 1-2, 6th Floor

Our experts attempt to sort fact from fiction as they work to demystify the mythological 2012 – the year the world ends (maybe).

I’ll be joining cryptographer Elonka Dunin and author Elizabeth Donald to indulge in the oh-so-many catastrophe predictions for this year. Debunking disaster hype is one of my favourite pastimes, as is dreaming up all new disaster scenarios, so this panel should really fun!

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2012 – Don’t Panic!, Sunday 10:00am in the Hilton Crystal Ballroom, 1st floor

Year Two: What Now?

Monday September 3: 10:00am-11:00am
Westin Vinings 1-2, 6th floor

Civilization has ended and you have survived the first year. Now it’s time to figure out what’s next, and how to live long term.

This panel brings together disaster specialists from a wide slew of paths:
disaster preparation consultant David Harmer knows the processes and procedures while author Nacy L. Holder can dream up disaster scenarios. Nuclear engineer Patrick Mason will ground us in the realities of man-made catastrophes, while I’ll be representing the wrath of Mother Nature in the impacts of large-scale geohazards. Between the four of us, we should have a thought-provoking, rambunctious, and just-possibly-informative discussion on what happens after we’ve settled into a post-apocalyptic world.

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