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OpenScience Friends of the Future camp

The Institute For The Future is hosting a meeting in one week on 26 June “to discuss and spark ideas around the bleeding edge futures of scientific exploration across multiple disciplines over the next decade.” Roughly two thirds of the … Continue reading

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Near Earth Objects: movies in impact catastrophes

I’m currently seeking recent movies/mini-series where great big chunks of rock hit the planet. I’m attempting to update my scifi examples to replace Deep Impact (1998) and Armageddon (1998). So far my list is: Impact (2008) Meteor (2009) Meteor Storm … Continue reading

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PAX: Science in Entertainment

We’ve all laughed at flux capacitors, reversing polarity, and all the other terrible science that fills in the gaps in mass-market entertainment. But sometimes, a bit of real science sneaks in. Why? What sort of influence does a science consultant have during production, and what is the job actually like? This panel features a mix of philosophy, practical guidance on blending science and fiction, and backstage stories from the industry. Continue reading

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Lessons for Science Consultants

I already covered 8 lessons from being a science consultant over on Physics Today last month; now it’s time a few more promised stories that were cut from the final draft. To bring it up to a numerically-satisfying 10: Be … Continue reading

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