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Disclaimers for Fiction

As an episode or movie closes and the credits roll, one day I’d love to see one last warning at the end: No scientific ideas were seriously harmed in the making of this story.

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Scifi in Nature

Nature, yes, that Nature of scientific paper publishing prestige, has opened public access to its archive of science fiction stories. I’m adding them to my collection of hard scifi short stories; anyone have any favourites or specific recommendations?

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Ethics of Stargate: Universe “Air”

Dr. Rush, the lead scientist in Stargate: Universe, is a character who embodies a non-standard moral stance compared to the usual characters in Stargate. The following observations on ethics and morals are used considering the initial character only, how he … Continue reading

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Stargate: From Fiction to Science

I’ve written before on the value of using good science in works of fiction; the Stargate franchise embraced this philosophy and I worked as their science consultant for several seasons. I’ve been asked why Stargate cared about having detailed, plausible … Continue reading

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