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Book Review: The Physics of Christmas

If you’re looking for a holiday-themed “The Science of…” book, I thought “The Physics of Christmas” was pretty good.

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Science in Science Fiction

After listening to last night’s AGU Hollywood Panel, I have a few thoughts on the role of a science in science fiction. Science in not in conflict with science fiction. Millions of stories happen every day, each one without violating … Continue reading

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Atmospheric Science of SG:A “Brain Storm”

Stargate: Atlantis “Brain Storm” problem solving boards. Continue reading

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Like a Zircon in the Sky

You’ve heard about the diamond stars before, at the very least in Beatles lyrics. Turns out you can’t even trust stars to be real: recent observations have found a star with large amounts of zircon, more commonly known as a … Continue reading

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The Cryptography of SG:U “Human”

My apologies for the long hiatus — my thesis took over for a while, as did splitting off a new, science-only site GeoMika. It’s time to finish off posts that have languished for far too long in the “Drafts” folder. … Continue reading

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