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On When to Intervene

Joesph Mallozzi passed on a link by John Scalzi about the screenwriting process that goes a long way to explaining how even movies with science consultants can have bad science. I am an intervention minimalist. I’m mostly hired to create … Continue reading

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LRO images the Moon Landing Sites

It’s officially over 30C in Vancouver. In other news, the newest images from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter show the Apollo landing sites. Oooooooh!

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The Blob

A currently unidentified probably-organic blob is drifting around off the coast of Alaska. Um… Update: the blob is algea scum. Ah well, the real-life scifi was fun while it lasted.

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This really is just me trying to stay organized

I’m doing yet more research for this presentation next week. I think I have a pretty good handle on what I say, but a bit more reading is always handy. Tonight’s reading suggestions: A hilarious list of ways the world … Continue reading

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Generic Keywords

I remember watching a series of commercials for the SciFi T.V. network back in the day that featured the word “if” having “scifi” fade in around it. It was compelling for me, both for its graphic simplicity and for being … Continue reading

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